For beautiful, bespoke flowers in Enamel Buckets, Giant Jars, Kilner Jars, Pickle Jars and of course our signature JamJar please call +44 (0)207 358 5414, use our order form below or email your enquiry to

All deliveries are individual and we use the freshest flowers and foliage currently in season.

JamJar of Flowers £50
Pickle Jar of Flowers £70
Kilner Jar of Flowers £95
Giant Jar of Flowers £125
Enamel Bucket from £150 plus delivery and VAT

All prices excluding the Enamel Bucket include delivery and VAT.  Currently we only deliver in London and all next day deliveries must be placed before 2pm. Deliveries outside of Central London may incur additional charges, which will be confirmed via email on receipt of your order. 


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