Helen Cathcart / House & Garden © The Condé Nast Publications Ltd

Helen Cathcart / House & Garden © The Condé Nast Publications Ltd


JamJar Flowers was established in 2009 by Melissa Richardson (Alexander), who previously founded and ran the successful London modelling agency Take Two for almost three decades. We are now a core team of five: fellow Directors Amy Ireland and Finn Alexander, Head Florist Talena Rolfe and the glue that holds us all together, Ella Bandtock. We also couldn't be without our army of amazing freelance florists, artists and prop makers who are fantastically talented and a constant source of inspiration.

JamJar started around the kitchen table, inspired by the wildflowers Melissa collected in the Sussex woods and meadows surrounding her childhood home. Flowers would be arranged in jam jars and displayed on the kitchen table. The simple charm of flowers displayed in this natural and unfussy way, along with our love of native flora, has always informed our style of beautiful, natural arrangements where seasonal flowers are celebrated. Since then our team has evolved and JamJar has expanded to a beautiful Dickensian yard in Kennington, South East London. 

With backgrounds in fashion and the arts, we all gravitated towards floristry with a passion for beauty and a desire to create. We are endlessly inspired by the changing seasons, and dedicated to using seasonal flowers, focussing on composition, colour and form. 

Over the years, floristry has taken us in directions we could never have imagined. The temptation of a challenge is always too great to resist, and to tell a story with flowers is our greatest pleasure. 

Whether it’s creating a ceiling of 6,000 hanging flowers at Sketch in Mayfair, making bespoke pressed flower wallpaper for an exhibition curated by Rakes Progress, or creating giant sculptures of mythical creatures in dried flowers; we approach every job with a fresh concept and always bring our ideas back to a narrative or purpose. 

With a growing team of freelance florists, prop makers, artists, carpenters and producers, we’re always ready to take on the next challenge.  

We are committed to finding new and inventive ways of working in order to be as sustainable as possible. Along side lots of other fantastic and inspiring florists, we are making a conscious effort not to use toxic floral foam in our arrangements.